Levante – A Candle Chandelier From De Majo

Candle lit chandeliers used by wealthy of ancient times has never gone out of style. They still are a fixture in well-appointed castles and mansions of present day moguls. Murano, Italy based high-end lighting manufacturer De Majo has created an updated version of a candle chandelier named Levante that marries old Venetian techniques and styles with the new.

Levante Chandelier 2

Entirely handmade, elegant Levante chandelier features Murano crystals and arms fitted with candles. Option to replace candles with LED lights or to have both and use them alternatively is available from De Majo. The use of LED lights has allowed the chandelier to illuminate from inside, increasing its decorative value. The crown of the Levante features glass decorations of flowers and leaves, while its lower tier comes adorned with delicate charms.

Levante Chandelier 1

A creation of Francesco Dei Rossi, the Art Director of the De Majo, aesthetically pleasing Levante was created with a rétro chic look non-conforming to the company’s traditional styles of other Murano chandeliers. In shades of gray and crystal, the chandelier is based on silver chrome finished frame. It is customizable in size, color as well as the number of lights or candles. Standard size includes – 140 cm height x 130 cm diameter and a weight of 35 kg. Pricing for the Levante chandelier starts from $20,500.

Source: De Majo

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