With This LEGO Playbox Bag Turn Your Hands Into LEGO Hands

LEGO Playbox

Someone is playing tricks with your eyes. That someone would be a trio – LEGO hands and New York-based advertising and designing duo Junho Lee and Hyun Chul Choi. They decided to give our everyday shopping bag a new twist and add LEGO hands, but more importantly turn your hands into LEGO hands. The bag named, LEGO Playbox, is created to enter into an advertising competition.

LEGO Playbox

Lee and Choi are currently students of the School of Visual Arts of New York, and their light bulb moment arrived while brainstorming at 4am. It is easy to say now, but the bag, hand design, and mechanics are pretty simple. As you can see, it is just a red square-shaped bag and two yellow LEGO hands, and the hand mechanics are hidden on the inside.

Two ribbon-like fabric handles do the actual lifting, when the carrier lift them handles along with wrists get hidden behind LEGO hands. This gives the impression of LEGO hands. For this to work as intended, you have to wear long sleeves, that’s a bit of a downer for an otherwise great creation.

LEGO Playbox

Being the good students they are, Lee and Choi gave their professor, Frank Anselmo a shout out in the press too. “Our professor, Frank Anselmo, really motivated us when we were burnt out – without his creative direction, it wouldn’t exist at all. He’s 100% our inspiration. Thank you Frank!”

At the moment, the LEGO Playbox is only a concept. “Some people haven’t liked it, others love it – we can’t satisfy everyone in the world, you know,’ says Choi.


Source: Designboom

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