Amazing Ghostly Ship – LEGO Pirates Of The Caribbean Silent Mary

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Skeleton Silent Mary

Be afraid, be very afraid – the ghostly ship is here. LEGO yesterday unveiled their latest pirate ship at the New York Toy Fair. During the Super Bowl, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales trailer gave everyone a glimpse of what to expect. The biggest take from the trailer was the amazing skeleton ghost ship captained by Captain Salazar – Jack Sparrow’s ghostly adversary in the Bermuda Triangle. Now, LEGO has their own version of the Silent Mary ship, it is as equally creepy, impressive and huge as in the movie.

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Skeleton Silent Mary

Big kids and small kids, all gets a total of about 2,300 pieces to assemble the Silent Mary and set sail to hunt the Trident of Poseidon (on dry land). By the way,  the Silent Mary come with some useful magic abilities – the control of the seven seas. From bow to stern it measures 26 inches and 18 inches tall from bottom to the tallest tattered mast. The floating effect of the skeleton ship is achieved via a couple of silver colored stands tucked under its belly. The set comes with eight mini figures and includes Captain Jack Sparrow, Henry, Carina, Lieutenant Lesaro, Captain Salazar, Officer Magda, Officer Santos and the Silent Mary Masthead.

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Skeleton Silent Mary

Here’s the complete list of the Silent Mary set’s elements from the Lego factsheet:
“This highly detailed Lego model with over 2,200 pieces features a hinged bow section, opening skeleton hull with decay and destruction detailing, movable rudder, collapsible main mast and two further masts, long bowsprit with crow’s nest and mast, tattered sails, detailed quarterdeck, plus a rowboat with two oars and an array of weapons and accessory elements. This model provides a rewarding build and play experience, and the integrated stand makes it suitable for display.”

The LEGO Pirates Of The Caribbean Silent Mary set will cost you $200 and has a launch date set for April 1, 2017. The release date for the movie is set for May 25th.

Source: Gizmodo

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