This Leblon Delienne Gold Mickey Mouse Costs $15,200 And Weighs A Whopping 112 LBS

Leblon Delienne Gold Mickey Mouse

Leblon Delienne is a little French workshop with big ideas, who also works with big brands to bring their designs to life. Mickey Mouse is a little mouse from film studio who got big by just being himself. These two little big things have been working together for over 30 years to bring art pieces big and small to life. Almost most of Leblon Delienne’s collectible statuettes in the collection are made from vinyl and polymer, but they decided to do something different this time around – a Gold Mickey. The life-size Leblon Delienne Gold Mickey Mouse measures 1.4 meters (4.6 feet) and stands very tall.

Leblon described the gold piece, “Mickey Mouse is the most famous fictional character in the world. Since his creation in 1928, the public has been enchanted by this enthusiastic, dynamic, courageous and audacious character. By becoming a universal Pop Culture icon, Mickey Mouse inspired Leblon Delienne to create the Gold Mickey figurine.”

A limited edition, a total of 250 pieces of Leblon Delienne Gold Mickey Mouse will be offered at $15,200 each. Made from resin and gold-plated, this Mickey is quite heavy at 112 lbs. It takes them 3-6 weeks to make and deliver each piece. Solid gold or gold-plated, this Mickey is a happy chappy with a welcoming smile and outstretched arms. To order visit Leblon Delienne.

Source: Luxury Launches

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