The Bidocoro – Lacquer Painted Luxury Toilet To Make Your Humble Mansion A Palace


We are on a roll with all things Japanese. After eating your sesame ice cream at Gomaya Kuki and drinking a perfectly chilled Sapporo, it is time for some relief. How about a fancy lacquer painted toilet? Last month at the annual Hotel & Restaurant Show in Tokyo, the Tochigi-based toilet wholesaler Sakamoto Co. unveiled their latest creation, a lacquer painted and gold trimmed – Bidocoro. The term consists of two blend words – “bidet” and “Kokoro”, which in Japanese has many meanings – in this instance could be one of heart, feeling or mind!


Even today, most Japanese homes and some public places still use traditional squat toilets, however, it’s a different story at luxury hotels and other high-end establishments. The Bidocoro, painted using “Shiki” method, simply means lacquerware in Japanese has a long history and goes all the way back to the Jōmon period (14000 – 300 BC). These days the art is used to decorate everything from bento boxes to luxury watch dials using Urushi method.


The segment of population Sakamoto Co. trying to attract for the Bidocoro are luxury hotels that cater to well-off tourists and the overseas Japanophiles, with a love for art and culture of the country a bit more than the all you can eat sushi buffets. To attract eyeballs, spread the word and live test this fairly extravagant toilet seat, Sakamoto has installed a unit in a shop in Nikko – one of Japan’s popular tourist destinations.

In addition to buying the standard versions they offer in tomato red and gold, royal blue and gold, and jet black and gold, you can also order a bespoke Bidocoro. The unit they displayed at the Hotel & Restaurant Show in Tokyo came decorated with lacquerware art, gold dust and Swarovski crystals, and a ¥10 million (about $90,000) price tag. The regular versions are priced between ¥330,000 and ¥770,000 ($2,900-$6,700).

Source: Luxury Launches

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