New Kitchen Range La Cornue W By La Cornue And Jean Michel Wilmotte

La Cornue, the high-end oven and cooking range manufacturer from France is adding a new collection to its product range. Their first new collection in 30 years. The La Cornue W Collection is a collaboration between La Cornue and famed French architect & designer Jean-Michel Wilmotte.

The new range consists of 3 kitchen appliances and 2 kitchen furniture. The appliances range includes an induction table, big vaulted oven tower, and a cooker hood. The kitchen cupboard and table completes the range. All items are made to order at their workshop in Saint-Ouen l’Aumône by experienced craftsmen.

Speaking about the new range, La Cornue chairman Xavier Dupuy said “Creating an attractive modern alternative to traditional French art de vivre, offering an innovative culinary range, designed as a real professional reference, a line that is as lasting and prestigious as all our others.”

Xavier’s grandfather Albert Dupuy, a connoisseur of good food with a passion for new technology founded the company in 1908. To take advantage of illuminating gas distributed at the time in Paris, he manufactured the La Cornue gas circulation Roast & Pastry Cooker. The rest for La Cornue, as they say, is history.

The range has taken four years to develop. La Cornue W Collection combines innovation, craftsmanship, and luxury La Cornue is known for since its beginning in 1908.

Induction Table
La Cornue W Collection 1Can be placed near wall or central position. Four inductors with 14.6 kW total power. Boost function on all inductors and bridge function on two inductors. Table features hi-vision LED indicators, 6 knob controls, and towel rail. Dimensions : 150 x 92 x 79 cm. Weight : 110 kg.

La Cornue Oven
La Cornue W Collection 4Big vaulted oven tower with plenty of storage that includes bottom storage tray and top storage cupboard. Dimensions of the oven : 184,5 x 90 x 79 cm. Dimensions of the tower : 184,5 x 90 x 70 cm.

Cooker Hood
La Cornue W Collection 3Screen printed grey tempered glass and lacquered sheet metal. Power: 500 W. Wall or central position. Remote controlled: 5-speed motor. 6 halogen spots. Dimensions : 150 x 100 x 70 cm. Weight : 50 kg.

La Cornue Kitchen Cupboard
La Cornue W Collection 5A double door in oiled American oak wood and customizable to fit with fridge or freezer. Cupboard features LED lighting, ventilation grill, and 4 possible shelves. Can be placed near wall or central position. Dimensions : 1200 x 1845 x 700 cm.

La Cornue Kitchen Table
La Cornue W Collection 6Great preparation table for your beautiful kitchen. Its countertop is made of oiled American oak wood. Features 3 drawers measuring 640mm D x 500mm W x 100mm H. Can be placed near wall or central position. Dimensions : 1500 x 920 x 700 cm.

Source: La Cornue

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