Korg Made tinyPiano For Kids Is All About Big Music

Korg tinyPiano

Competition for kindergarten pianos just gone up by few notes recently. An area ruled by Hello Kitty-themed $60 version now have to compete with much advanced digital piano made by Korg named the tinyPIANO. This little upstart is a miniature version of an upright piano. It even has a fallboard just like on an adult piano.

Korg do not want to limit tiny tots to little toy sounds, one of the companies objectives of making this piano is to encourage kids to love music and continue to play with better instruments as they grow older. To this end they have included a 25-note keyboard that allows kids play deep rich tones with the stable pitch you expect from a digital piano.

In addition to grand piano tones there are 25 additional built-in tones such as electric piano, clavinet, organ, bell, music box and toy piano tones to keep any kid toe tapping happy. Its library of 50 demo songs includes classical music (Bach’s “Joy of Man’ Desiring”,) nursery rhymes and the perennial favorite Happy Birthday To You!

Korg tinyPiano

The battery powered tinyPIANO is made to use as a music box too. Though the demo songs are recorded to play tones appropriate for them, users can change tone to suit individual tastes. The piano features volume adjustments, built-in speakers and a headphone jack. The portable piano is to move around from kid’s playrooms to bedrooms and even outside.

The tinyPIANO is available in four colors – bright red, Hello Kitty pink, white and black. Though it is named tiny, the piano is sturdy and perfectly proportioned for toddlers. It is fully toddler and crayon-proof as well. Its only additional decoration is the Korg logo with cute teddy bear-“O”.

The piano is expected to sell for around $250, a bit more expensive than the $ 60Hello Kitty piano. Korg is yet to announce their retail partners for the tinyPiano, we can safely assume it will end up at Toys “R” Us.

Korg tinyPiano


Source: The Verge and Korg

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