Jura’s State-Of-The-Art GIGA 5 Coffee Maker

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With the help of Jura’s GIGA 5 –  you, me and everybody can now be a top class barista. This power packed coffee maker not only capable of making 17 different specialty coffees, it can make two completely different coffees at the same time! One of the most technologically advanced coffee makers around, GIGA 5 has the power of two grinders and two heating systems, yet it operates silently thanks to its two wear-free ceramic disc grinders.

GIGA 5’s powerful grinders, pumps and heating systems housed in a small cramped space creates lots heat and steam. To alleviate overheating problems and bring in fresh air, it has a well designed adjustable Venti Ports that works well in tandem with the in-built electronic ventilation system.

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Aesthetically designed with pure and clean lines, it features a TFT display and easy to use Rotary Selection buttons to effortlessly find and create your favorite beverages from the menu. The menu carries recipes for 12 delicious coffee creations. The display with picture and text capabilities guides the user through the coffee making process with clear instructions, so you don’t have to worry about making a bad cup of coffee, ever.

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Source: Jura

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