Imperiali Geneva Emperador Humidor – Yours For A Cool $1Million

Imperiali Geneva Emperador Humidor

Imperiali Geneva, creator of the Emperador Humidor claims this is the “most exclusive and prestigious cigar chest ever to be designed and produced.” One look and we all can agree with their statement. Lots of hard work and planning involves prior to producing an item like this, and its eye-catching design and complex high-tech is proof for that. Its most significant feature is the three indicators, which shows in real time the relative humidity and temperature inside the chest, the power reserve and the number of cigars remaining.

Imperiali Geneva Emperador Humidor

As per Imperiali, their in-house developed humidity regulation system has a 70% guaranteed accuracy in humidity level and a temperature of 16 to 18 degrees Celsius – this is a constant, regardless of external conditions around it. The best part is, humidity level and temperature numbers are not set in stone, they can be adjusted to suit owner’s needs.

Imperiali Geneva Emperador Humidor

The opening of the humidor consists of a two-step process. The first step involves brushing a finger over the golden touch buttons – 9 letters of Imperiali, that opens and activates a previously invisible LCD number screen. The second step involves entering the passcode, afterward, you get access to those expensive Cubans.

Emperador Humidor

I have not heard about a cigar humidor that comes with a tourbillon fitted until I came across the Emperador. The Swiss-made bespoke Imperiali tourbillon timepiece with 323 moving parts is a thing of a beauty. The workings of the tourbillon are visible whether the case is open or closed.

If you need a super sharp guillotine, the Emperador got one for you. The inbuilt cigar cutter sports a laser positioning-enabled system that can cut through cigar like butter. Options galore – as it also comes with a cigar punch, offered in three sizes. Other built-in accessories include a custom made table lighter to ensure your cigar burns correctly and uniformly. There is also a high-tech “intelligent ashtray”. Whenever a cigar is nearby, the mechanized ashtray sense it and automatically opens itself.

The chest has room for 24 cigars and each cigar is stored in an individual glass casing. When you purchase one of the units, it comes with gold leaf wrapped pure Cuban cigars aged for 48 months. First things first, you’ll first have to find $1,000,000 to afford the Imperiali Geneva Emperador Humidor.

Imperiali Geneva Emperador Humidor

Source: Luxatic

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