This $68,000 Hermès Foosball Table Comes With Jockey’s In Silk Jerseys

Only the best for your special one – that is if he/she is a foosball fan. Hidden among Hermès Homeware and Art Objects Collection is a $68,300 foosball table made from Maple wood and Swift calfskin. As most of you are aware, the luxury brand started out as a maker of harnesses for the European noblemen – it is a fact not lost while making the pricey Hermès Foosball Table. Highlights include players dressed in colorful silk Jockey jerseys and riding boots.

The dark blue and gold table also consists of upholstery, saddle stitching, and polishing – all things Hermès is famous for. Even for that price, it is not customizable, so there is no chance of British, American, Aussies or Kiwis getting it in red, white and blue. Visit Hermès to place your Hermès Foosball Table now to get it delivered on time for Christmas.

Source: Luxury Launches

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