A $14,000 Hermès Baseball Glove For Boys Of Summer

Hermès Baseball Glove 1

A Russian or Arab billionaire would not buy a $14,100 Hermès baseball glove, there’s no doubt about that. Simply because the current crop seems to have no appetite for American ladies. None of the well-known Oligarchs have an American wife, girlfriend or a mistress. Same goes for their Arab brethren. So, who’ll buy this very pricey calfskin Hermès glove to play catch?

Even if not to play catch, this could be the perfect retirement gift A-Rod can buy for his Yankee teammate Derek Jeter without causing any controversy (okay, maybe there will be some controversy, never say never.) And it’s priced right to stoke egos of both millionaire players and make entire rosters of other MLB teams jealous. If A-Rod wants to end up as Jeter’s best bud, he can add the matching Hermès baseball bat that goes for $1,925.

What you get for $14,000 is a luxury baseball glove made from gold swift calfskin leather. It takes Hermès artisans 25 hours to hand-stitch and finish each glove. The baseball bat is made of ash wood and gold swift calfskin. Both items are named “Homerun” and made in France.

Hermès Baseball Glove 2 Hermès Baseball Glove 3

Hermès Baseball Bat


Source: Hermès

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