Owned By A Singaporean Woman, This Hello Kitty Collection Worth Almost A Million Dollars

Hello Kitty Home

If I had millions this is not how I would decorate my home, that is not to say someone else cannot. Singaporean food supplier Connie Sim has decorated her entire house with pink and white Hello Kitty merchandise. No room or wall in her place spared of Hello Kitty characters. From floor-to-ceiling to kitchen appliances such as the toaster, coffee grinder, juice maker and slow cooker are covered in Kitty’s face. Not even her dim sum baskets escaped kitty decorations. Connie Sim, who is 60 years old has been spending money on Hello Kitty memorabilia for the past 10 years. So far she squandered a total of S$1.2 million, which is around $865,000 and has no regrets in doing so.

If you visit this place you might think there is a 6 year old Hello Kitty fan lives here, because she even has toilet paper, toilet seat covers, soap and laundry detergent. There are also batches of brand new underwear lying around the place including a Hello Kitty G-string, 100 T-shirts and 30 sets of pajamas. Then there is her master bedroom, in which she keeps Hello Kitty mobile phones, hair dryers, steamers, irons, and sewing machines. Not even her on cushions, carpets, fans, lights and cosmetic covers escaped the kitty worship.

Hello Kitty Home

Surprising thing of all, Connie Sim is not even a Hello Kitty fan, in her words “I’m not particularly into Hello Kitty. I just like the colors pink and white.” Describing further she added “I wanted my house to have a theme and since my friends like Hello Kitty, I decided I would have a classy, first-rate Hello Kitty home where everything looks fantastic.” Apparently when she buy kitty items, she doesn’t even ask the price, she just buys them. She purchase them mainly from Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan, and spends around S$10,000 per year. Her adult children aged 40, 36 and 34 have no issues of her spending money on this unusual hobby. According to them “as long as Mummy is happy, they are happy.”

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Source: Business Asia One

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