Hedron Coffee Table By Benjamin Migliore

Hedron Coffee Table 1

From the design house of Benjamin Migliore comes a new kind of coffee table named Hedron. The Hedron Coffee Table gives more prominence to function than form. It follows the same geometric design Migliore previously used creating the Octahedrons stool.

The Hedron features two separate pieces that combines for a coffee table. Its triangular-shaped base is made from eight wood and six plastic parts on each side that can be assembled and disassembled easily. The top looks like made from one solid slab of wood, I may be wrong on this though.  Maybe its veneered. 

Hedron Coffee Table 2

Benjamin Migliore is a French born Argentinian, who now live and work in Barcelona, Spain. He has previously worked in large international projects such as Airport in Beijing, Theater in St Petersburg, University in Ben Guerir in Morocco and a Hotel project in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Hedron Coffee Table 5 Hedron Coffee Table 4 Hedron Coffee Table 3


Source: Benjamin Migliore

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