Harrods Open 2013 Christmas World,158 Days Early

Who wouldn’t want Christmas every day, or at least for few months of the year. Harrods, continuing with their recent July launch tradition, opened the 2013 Christmas World 158 days early. Santa arrived to open Christmas festivities during the heat wave!

Located on the 3rd floor, Christmas World is a 2000 Sq Ft space filled with impressive trimmings, from Christmas cards to hampers to trees to a 6 Ft tall Santa Claus priced at £3999 ($ 6100). If life-size Santa Claus is not for you, you can buy, Sebastian, the Harrods 2013 Christmas bear. Sebastian, dressed is a cozy red jacket, loves nothing more than spreading festive cheer with a big bear cuddle. Sebastian carries a very affordable price tag of £24.95 ($ 38.25.)

You can also buy Eliot Raffit’s Vintage Glamour range of festive decorations at Christmas World.

Source: Harrods

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