Handmade Pin Hole Heartbeat 1 Camera Powered By Watch Movement: Fine Example Of Blending Human Touch With Mechanism

Handmade Pinhole Heartbeat 1 Camera

Talented and creative Korean photographer, designer, tinkerer, craftsman and engineer, Kwanghun Hyan, designed and hand-made this unique custom-built pinhole camera namely “heartbeat” a few years back. It uses a Unitas 6497 hand-wound watch movement to mechanically control the shutter mechanism of the camera. Heartbeat 1 Camera is a beautiful box of brass with plates, knobs and rings all machined by the artist himself. Heartbeat 2 is essentially the same thing, except the movement has been rebuilt.

Handmade Pinhole Heartbeat 1 Camera

Just imagine how one would feel to hold and take photographs using this miniature camera. Believe it or not, this marvelous camera has been used to create dreamy and interesting images that can be expected from this kind of a masterpiece.

I am pretty sure that most of us have never ever seen or heard about this kind of unusual photographic in our lives. Don’t get disappointed as you can now go through the original post which was done nearly six years ago by linking to a more in-depth article from the guys at Worn & Wound, with all the information including in-depth look at how Hyan crafted this camera from start to finish, how it works, and how he even modified the movement. You will be able to get a thorough knowledge of the mechanism and glance through the photos taken with the two cameras from this link.

Handmade Pinhole Heartbeat 1 Camera

For young inventors and creators here is a good opportunity to show your talent of creativity by designing a similar model of the pinhole camera as a project by using the “heartbeat” as a model, since Hyan has created it such a way that its movements could be modified.

Source: Bloomberg

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