Haier Unveils World’s First “No-Compressor Wine Cabinet” – Wine Drinkers Approve

Haier No Compressor Wine Fridge 1

Occasionally the unthinkable happens. In this case a story coming across from the CES says Chinese consumer electronics company Haier has found a way to make a wine fridge that is both silent and non-vibrating. That is wine heaven, who wouldn’t want to keep a mini wine fridge in their room, right next to the bed, just in case someone need a glass of red at night – one especially promises to stay quiet. They managed to achieve this by eliminating the compressor that is a huge part of traditional fridges.

Haier replaced the vibrating and noise-making traditional compressor with carbon dioxide and water as a refrigerant. This in turn resulted in a quiet appliance with no moving parts. The traditional coolers with compressors are well-known for their subtle humming as well as vibrations due to moving parts, water and carbon dioxide eliminate these issues.

Haier’s no-compressor cooler is certain to be a hit with wine connoisseurs as they have over the years pointed out the affect vibrations and noises have on taste. This is especially true for red wines, they are sensitive and every little move, as well as noise alter its taste.

In addition to the quite wine fridge, Haier also debuted the world’s first magnetic refrigeration wine cabinet. This little gadget also big on energy saving and has the ability to drop 50 C (122 F) in a matter of minutes.

Haier No Compressor Wine Cabinet


Source: PR Newswire

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