The $25,000 Grammy Awards Goodie Bag Celebs Took Home Even Had Purell

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Every year during the award season wealthy celebs travel around the world collecting goodie bags full of luxury gifts worth tens of thousands of dollars. This season follows the same pattern and we poor sods can now take a look at the list of awesome stuff celebs from Kanye to Beyoncé to Beck got to take home on Grammy night, each bag had a $25,000 retail value, mind you. Every performer, nominee and presenter received a gift bag. Who knew a Material Girl like Madonna collect free stuff, right?

For Distinctive Assets, the Los Angeles-based marketing company this is a busy time, for the 16th consecutive year they’ve put together the Grammy gift bag. They also have the responsibly to do the same come Oscars time.

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What’s inside this famous bag? For a start there is the train trip onboard a luxury train through Canadian Rockies, valued at $14,500 this is the most expensive gift offered. To heal and rejuvenate Wellness 360 offered a series of their products worth $1,200 from lotions, protein mixes and vitamins to the Healing Saint Hair Follicle Stimulant. For celebs going bald prematurely, the hair stimulant “helps revitalize the scalp with thickened hair roots, reduces hair loss and decreases premature breakage.”

There isn’t enough room in the bag to carry this, but sure enough for a gift voucher – a Gibson guitar worth $1,140. P Diddy’s Sean John-brand was kind enough to give away clothing gifts worth $500 that included a track suit, cotton pullover, jacket-pants combo, a “Dream Big” shirt, and a nylon duffle bag with animal friendly handles. For celebrity kids, think North West, from WowWee a $120 toy named MiPosaur, an intelligent robot with a “personality.” Most celebs love deserts and candy, the $800 gift card from Candy Vixen for a “custom candy buffet and dessert bar” must have made many a sweet- toothed celebs smile. Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer, gave away Rockin’ and Roastin’ organic coffee for his famous friends.

Not every item in the gift bag came with a price tag worth hundreds and thousands of dollars. There were plenty of small value items such as Lulu DK temporary metallic tattoos, Marchon sunglasses, MyntSmile toothpaste, chocolates, a PowerCube power strip, the NapAnywhere travel pillow, Purell hand sanitizer, Carmex lip balm, and Sleepmints. That’s not all, stars also got to take home a copy of Archibald’s Next Big Thing, an illustrated children’s book by actor Tony Hale, an Arrested Development-alum.

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Source: Fortune

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