Splinter Works Makes A Carbon Fiber Gold Vessel Hammock Bath Tub

Hammock is for the beach, you would say. These days nothing is restricted to any particular place or purpose. Same goes for the hammock, you can now have one in your bathroom to take a soaking in a hot bath. A creation of UK-based Splinter Works, the Gold Vessel Hammock Bath Tub is made from carbon fiber and feature 24 karat gold leaf and clear lacquer decorations. Luxury has a price and this will cost you around $100,000.

The luxury bath tub is designed to use in a wet room and as such, it is suspended from the wall and does not touch the floor. The tub gets filled using a floor standing tap, while its waste water is released through the base into a floor drain. The company also offer the option to install a downpipe drain if a wet room is not available. The use of carbon fiber made it easy to create its curved shape and weave it with a fabric reference to the cloth of a distinctive hammock, a bit like Louis Vuitton’s Damier Carbone Keepall Bandoulière made from carbon fiber.

Gold Vessel Hammock Bath Tub 7

The Gold Vessel Hammock Bath Tub measures 2.7 m long and longer than most of the regular bathtubs on the market, also means there is plenty of room for two to share a bottle of bubbly while relaxing. The curvy and stylish tub can be customized to fit your bathroom to an extent including in length, different lacquer colors and decorate in other colors and materials instead of hand-applied gold leaf.

Gold Vessel Hammock Bath Tub 5

Source: Splinter Works

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