Gold Toilet “America” Open For Business At The Guggenheim For The 99%

gold toilet america

A Gold Toilet fit for Trump’s America. That is not exactly how NYC’s Guggenheim Museum advertised this 18-karat pure gold toilet, but close enough. The work of art, designed and created by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan is open to everyone to use, as long as you pay the museum’s entrance fee. Starting today you can just stop by on the fifth floor at the museum and take a piss on a toilet named “America”.

It is good to see a museum trying to find a way to let visitors touch their priceless work – this is, after all, a solid gold toilet. Someone good at math did some calculations and concluded a toilet on average weighs between 70 and 120 pounds. Based on that and gold price at $1,316.50 per ounce, this is might have cost between $1.45m and $2.5m.

The fully functional toilet is “1% art for the 99%,” according to Cattelan. When he started, the project didn’t have a name. As he explained, “In this case, the title came after [the work], and it was a matter of trying to deconstruct the object.” He added, “The title and piece didn’t mean anything. Together, it has meaning. Come spend a little alone time with America, ’ and you can ponder that meaning for yourself.”

“America” need protection, so a guard stands at the restroom’s entrance, while people visit the artwork and interact with it in a very personal way. The Guggenheim for their part has made sure it stays clean and presentable. A member of their cleaning staff will stop by every fifteen minutes and clean it with special wipes hat don’t have fragrance, color or oxidizers.

Guggenheim failed in one part when introducing the Gold Toilet America. They are not offering toilet paper fit for a solid gold toilet. I want them to consider seriously into buying matching gold toilet paper from Fritz Loibl, with Trump’s face embossed on it – cost just $240 per roll.


Source: Guggenheim

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