Celebrate Inauguration With This 24 Karat Gold-Plated Donald Trump Turd

Donald Trump Turd

This exquisite gold-plated premium turd is the best way to celebrate Donald Trump’s inauguration this week. The Donald Trump Turd is meticulously 3-D printed using geometry in the combination of an Archimedean spiral and the Golden Ratio/Phi in triangles. From what we learned, the latter proportion is also found in Egyptian Pyramids. The 18-karat turd is not only a great way to celebrate Donald Trump but also the golden ratio.

Donald Trump Turd

Even the spiral top looks a lot like Donald’s hair. The luxury Donald Trump Turd will set you back $350. If you don’t want to spend that much money on a gold-plated turd, there are two other options that cost a lot less. The matte charcoal and glossy black Archimedean Turd versions are priced just $20.

There really is no way to force anyone to display dear leader Donald Trump Turd on a prominent place in the house – mantlepiece is definitely out of consideration. Best to use it as a decorative item in the toilet or as a paperweight on your work desk. Or just use it to prank people. Visit Shipways to get your polished brass gold-plated turd 3-D printed.

Source: Dangerous Minds

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