The Most Luxurious Casket In The World – 24 Karat Gold Gilded Monarch Elite Casket

Monarch Elite Casket

Pharaohs took almost everything they owned with them when they went on their last journey including gold and precious stones. If you lived a life full of luxuries now you too can take some of them with you to eternity or at least go out in style in a gilded casket. Connecticut-based Golden Casket ready to make you a proper luxury box that will cost between $17,500 and $34,500 or more if you want to go very fancy. You know you are getting the best available because the company calls the Monarch Elite “the most luxurious casket in the world”.

According to Golden Casket’s co-owner Justin Wessels the Monarch Elite casket is made of solid maple cherry wood and feature intricate handmade floral carvings on double gilded frame, and finished in luxurious ruby red velvet interior trim. So you can rest comfortably on velvet in your final resting place.

The Golden Casket sell their products not just in Connecticut or US they actually ships caskets around the world. Wessels also added “It’s definitely for the more discerning buyer or for people who have appreciated art or fine art in their lives.”

I personally prefer a simple box to rest in peace when I leave, not only because I don’t want to give grave robbers any funny ideas but I can’t afford a $34,500 gilded casket! But things are looking up for you my rich friend, go ahead place your order by paying a deposit.


Source: The Golden Casket

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