24 Karat Gold Embossed Toilet Paper Roll From Fritz Loibl Will Cost You $240

Charmin is not the only game in town to clean your behind. Here we have a high-end opulent toilet paper roll for you to seriously consider. Fritz Loibl, a German designer, decided to give a luxury spin to one of the must haves in a household.

Fritz Loibl’s toilet paper creation comes with motifs embossed in 24 karat gold. At $240 (€179) per roll you can have your toilet roll customized to get them print with anything – your name, happy birthday, Sack David Moyes, Piers Morgan Sucks or any other unusual and funny slogans you fancy.

Fritz Loibl Gold Embossed Toilet Paper 3

If you don’t live in Germany don’t worry, Fritz Loibl is more than willing to ship worldwide. According to Loibl most of his customers are luxury hotels and businesses that sell luxury goods. Other regular people with fat wallets buy them as gifts or for decoration.

Mr. Loibl, however, cannot claim the title “most expensive toilet paper ever” for his product, because that title belongs to this company in Australia (we don’t know if they actually managed to sell a single roll.)

Fritz Loibl Gold Embossed Toilet Paper 2

Source: Softpedia

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