Gold Dust Infused Toothpaste And Gold Tooth Brush Set Straight From Switzerland Promises Healthy, White Teeth

Swiss Smile dor Toothgel Toothbrush

In order to achieve and maintain healthy and white teeth, Swiss Smile has introduced Gold dust infused toothpaste and brush set. No more boring ritualistic teeth brushing is required if you possess the complete gold dust infused tooth care kit. This one of a kind, unique toothpaste comes enhanced with real gold whilst the brush surface is with a complimenting gold-plated cover. All of us know if we are to possess a healthy, clean, gum disease-free set of teeth we have to visit a dentist for our regular oral-health offering and must take our dental routine seriously. The regular dental routine is not going to be as tedious as it used to be since Swiss Smile’s creative product provides a twist of glamour to the routine brushing ritual.

Whilst offering you enhanced oral care, the d’Or golden toothpaste comes with 23.75-carat pure gold in the form of gold dust. In addition to the gold dust in the toothpaste, it also contains a wonderful physiological protein that is found in saliva which protects the teeth against demineralization.

To complement the application of the gold dusty toothpaste there is a gold-plated ultra-soft toothbrush that contains nine times the number of individual bristles of the usual brushes we use, thus making it much finer and denser.

The ancient Egyptians, who lived long ago as 3000 BC constructed crude toothbrushes from twigs, would have never dreamed of that their aftercomers will use Gold toothbrushes to brush teeth with gold-infused toothpaste. The innovation done by the Swiss Smile team has been able to create a sensational Gold infused toothpaste with a gold plated toothbrush. With the magnificent power possessed by Gold to have a regenerative and anti-inflammatory effect on the teeth, it is assumed that Gold is great for fighting tooth decay and inflammation of the gums. Thus, the purpose of creating and introducing the Swiss Smile’s D’Or Tooth gel and Toothbrush is not merely selling an eye-catching product but to be able to use it for the upkeep of the teeth and maintain teeth as white as pearls. To show off the prestige and the social status, Gold infused Swiss Smile’s D’Or Tooth gel and Toothbrush are ideal. That’s not all the Swiss Smile’s dental set is bound to be a triumph for your bathroom with its classy design and visual appeal.

This one of a kind dental set is priced at $119.00 and is now available for sale online on Neiman Marcus and with select retailers. The concept behind these Swiss Smile’s D’Or Tooth gel and Toothbrush is that the oral health-care cannot get any more glamorous than this!

Source: Luxury Launches

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