Gold And Diamond Denture Will Give You World’s Most Expensive Smile For $153,000

Gold and Diamond Denture

UAE and Dubai are no strangers to extravagance, Burj al-Arab and the supercar fleet of Dubai Police are just a couple of examples. A new addition to this list is a gold and diamond encrusted denture that come with a price tag of $153,000 (AED562,000). Designed by Dr Majd Naji of Dubai Liberty Dental Clinic, 10g of 24 karat gold and 156 round diamonds that totaled 2.5 karats were used to create it.

According to Dr. Naji, they are waiting to see if their creation will make it into the Guinness Book of World Records. He told local newspaper 7Days, “We got a certificate from the World Diamond Institute in Belgium to confirm that the diamond and gold used in this brace was totally pure and we are waiting to list it in the record book as the most expensive smile in the world.”

This pricey denture is not made for everyday use, you can’t chew meat wearing this. Intended purpose of this slip-on gold and diamond brace is fashion, wear it to take pictures and show-off at parties. It doesn’t take long to make a denture, it can be ready after just two sessions of fitting and no drilling or filling of teeth involved. A female customer from UAE already purchased one and another customer from Qatar have also placed an order. It’s not just bling all around, the clinic will donate AED100,000 from each sale to a children’s charity in the UAE.


Source: Arabian Business

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