Glampers Glamorous Camping Tent From Archiworkshop

Glampers, a South Korean company with a remote campsite in Yang-Pyeone, South Korea wanted to give their campsite a much-needed upgrade and a better camping experience for customers. To get the job done they hired Seoul-based design and architecture firm Archiworkshop. The result is a smashing success – a series of stylish and comfortable camping units that are also eco-friendly.

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Archiworkshop calls them “glamping for glampers”. These are not your grandfathers or your fathers camping tents. There are no worries about mosquitos, toilets or starting a fire to cook. Glampers feature custom sofa beds and toilets with walled partitions. Their walls are decorated with artwork from Korean artists. Tents are wrapped in skins that offer water and fire resistance in addition to UV protection. They are also double layered to protect against at times harsh weather in the region. Glamping site itself offers breathtaking views of the valley, forests and the stream.

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Glamping tents are available in two flexible designs. First named “stacking doughnut” is a circular structure, while the second “modular flow” is expendable. There are eight different designs on offer and Archiworkshop has named them sea, dessert, creek, mountain, cave, forest, river, and city.

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Source: Archiworkshop

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