Give The Gift Of A Lifetime – 22 Karat Gold Toilet Paper Roll $1.3 Million

Here’s a chance to surprise everyone on Christmas Day … Give your ultra-rich husband, dad or son or anyone who seems to have everything in life, a roll of 22 karat gold toilet paper. A roll cost only $1.3 million (Australian $1.37.) This great idea comes from yet another bored business establishment in the land down under – Toilet Paper Man. It was only two weeks ago we heard the story about the $50k diamond studded royal baby inspired pacifier from the same land.

Technologically advanced and sophisticated, 3 ply gold toilet paper features 22 karat gold flakes that will fall onto the floor as you use them, as well as taking your behind to a level of cleanliness that you never experienced with normal 3 or 4 ply toilet paper.

This tongue-in-cheek, custom made gold toilet paper use the best quality regular Mr. President as its base to apply gold. The company also says on its website, they come gift wrapped and delivered personally with a bottle of champagne. Unfortunately, it’s not reusable, returnable or refundable. The company is hoping there is a Russian oligarch somewhere with a spoilt mistress who can’t stand normal toilet paper to be their first customer.

Source: Toilet Paper Man

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