There Is A 5-Feet Tall Gingerbread Big Ben On Display At Holkham Hall In UK

Holkham Hall Gingerbread Big Ben

So far this Christmas we have had a shortage of shortbread gingerbread house stories. That is not the case anymore we have found a unique gingerbread (shortbread or not) house story from the UK. The Gingerbread Big Ben House is one giant masterpiece designed by award-winning baker Emma Thorburn for Holkham Hall in north Norfolk. The Holkham Hall and Estate is an impressive stately English home now doubles up as many things including a tourist attraction, a wedding venue, and an inn.

Holkham Hall Gingerbread Big Ben

According to BBC News this particular Christmas gingerbread house as edible as they come. The 5-feet 4-inches tall model is made of 26lbs of colored sugar paste, 1,400 gilded gingerbread men and thousands of cake sprinkles. The entire planning and construction process took them a whole twelve months. Lady Leicester, the brain behind the project was inspired by the 18th Century mansion’s extensive clock collection.

Designing something is just not enough if you can’t find right people to make it. That job fell on Norfolk-based bakers Buns of Fun. Building material used in the construction include fondant and gelatin “glass” for 80 windows, 148 Mikado biscuits, green sprinkles for the lawn and 294 fruit Mentos. It is surrounded by street lamps and miniature Christmas trees, all made from icing.

Holkham Hall Gingerbread Big Ben

What’s the point of having a Big Ben that cannot bong? This 5-feet tall miniature Big Ben can actually “bong” on the hour. The gingerbread clock tower is the centerpiece of an ongoing clock-themed exhibition in Holkham Hall’s North Dining Room.

Holkham Hall looks like a great place to go on an outing. They offer lots of outdoor and indoor activity as well as dining experiences. Those of you wanting to take a good closer look at the Gingerbread Big Ben House can purchase tickets online from their website here – £16 or about $20 per person.


Source: BBC News

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