Get Your Hermès Saddles Personalized Online

Hermes Personalized Saddles 3If you are a horsey, outdoorsy person with wealth, you also know Hermès makes some of the best equestrian accessories in the world. After all, Hermès got its start by making equestrian and leather goods. They still continue to make all things related to horse riding, its online store has a separate section for all things equestrian that sells apparel and accessories for riders and horses. Additionally they also sell stable accessories.

One of the best things about the website is it allows riders to place personalized saddle orders online depending on the riding style. Saddles are available for disciplines such as polo, equestrian, jumping, dressage, outdoor and general purpose riding. After selecting your riding style you can select details such as flaps, seat, tree, panels and color for personalization.

Hermes Personalized Saddles 2

Pricing for the hand-crafted Hermès saddles starts from $6,150 and with special options can go up to $10,000 plus. Saddle fitting and consultations with saddle specialists come as “free of charge” services.

Hermes Personalized Saddles 1


Source: Hermès

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