Funny And Witty “His And Hers” Coffee Mugs From ETSY

These are the funniest, wittiest and loveliest coffee mugs you are going to find for you and your love (better or worse half). Having a mug of java in the morning in a boring mug is not to going to cut it once your babe sees this story. To add a little oomph and spice to your mornings when you wake up this is all you need.

Talented people who always look on the brighter side of life made these mugs with love and care, I’m pretty sure about that. You can find these at ETSY, it’s the small businesses that drive the economy all over the world, so head over there and buy a couple of mugs for a lovely couple.

Mugs His and Hers 2

Mugs His and Hers 3

Mugs His and Hers 4

Mugs His and Hers 5

Mugs His and Hers 6

Mugs His and Hers 7

Mugs His and Hers 8

Mugs His and Hers 9 Mugs His and Hers 10

Source: Mashable

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