Floral Market Enamel Tea Kettle From Mackenzie Childs For A Spring Tea Party

Floral Market Kettle

Ok, kettles are not luxuries unless made from solid gold and adorned with diamonds. If that is the case they then end up being ornaments and heirlooms than household necessities. However, a $100 tea kettle is not something that falls on just essentials category. The Floral Market Enamel Tea Kettle is a top-end essentials, sort of like 24 karat gold embossed toilet paper from Fritz Loibl and $100 tissues from Daishowa First.

What better way to add color to your kitchen than buying the Floral Market Enamel Tea Kettle, which in all probability matches plates and placemats you already have. Part of vibrant Flower Market Collection by New York-based Mackenzie Childs, the kettle is beautifully crafted with hand applied floral decals, rimmed in bronzed stainless steel and a ceramic color glazed glossy finish. Made from heavy-gauge steel, the two quart tea kettle also feature a wood handle and glass-topped lid.

The Floral Market Enamel Tea Kettle is available in colors blue, green, white and black. In the UK it sells for £110 at Harrods.

Floral Market Kettle Floral Market Kettle


Source: Mackenzie Childs

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