Ferrari Carbon Fiber Chess Set $2,025

Ferrari Chess Set 1

Every business needs an edge including luxury automakers like Ferrari. Their latest effort to draw bucks from your wallet is a chess set made from carbon fiber, yes the same material they use to make their fast cars. The Prancing Horse brand has used carbon fiber to cover the wood chess pieces and they are made from a combination of materials 60% wood, 20% carbon fiber, 15% metal and 5% enameled glass. The playing board squares are alternatively made from carbon fiber and fiberglass. Red and black pieces are made from varnished wood. Inspiration for the King piece of the set comes from none other than the Prancing Horse.

Measuring 42 x 42 x 7 cm, each set also comes with 16 black and 16 red pieces to play draughts. Handmade in Italy, each set costs $2,025. Buying a Ferrari or even the scaled model Ferrari 599 GTO for $6,540 might too expensive, but at $2,000 chess set is a more affordable Ferrari at the moment for us all.

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Source: Ferrari

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