Fabergé Pearl Egg – The First Imperial Egg Created In 99 Years

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Ninety nine years ago in 1916 jeweler Fabergé delivered the Military Egg, their last imperial creation for Tsar Nicholas II. That was just few months before the Russian Revolution that removed Nicholas II from power and forced his abdication in 1917. Even though the things turned up badly for the Tsar, delivery of that last imperial egg is worthy of a celebration, for its stunning beauty and creativity. In Qatar on Tuesday, Fabergé has unveiled their first imperial egg in 99 years, the Fabergé Pearl Egg.

The latest imperial egg features 139 fine white pearls, 3,305 diamonds, carved crystal rock and mother-of-pearl set on white and yellow gold. Created in collaboration with the Al-Fardan family, each white gold pearl adoring the Fabergé Pearl Egg was hand-selected by Hussain Ibrahim Al-Fardan from his private collection.

Inspired by formation of a pearl within an oyster, the interiors of the Fabergé Pearl Egg is crafted to reveal a grey pearl of 12.17 karats. Properties of the unique pearl found in the Arabian Gulf include its exceptional purity and a highly unusual shade of grey. Like other Fabergé imperial eggs, this too come with a special mechanism, its entire outer shell rotates on its base to simultaneously open in six sections to unveil its treasure.

It has taken 20 highly skilled craftsmen from jewelers, diamond setters and designers to complete the project. Accompanying the pearl egg is an extravagant Fabergé necklace of white pearls, diamonds and mother of pearl featuring a scallop motif, and finished with an exquisite 19.44 carat white pearl drop.

According to Fabergé records 50 eggs in total were commissioned by the Russian Imperial family over two generations, and 43 of them survived the Russian Revolution. The Military Egg commissioned by Nicholas II was intended to give as present for his wife, Alexandria. The new imperial egg will be auctioned off tomorrow after the show ends in Qatar. It is already estimated to have a value of $2 million, which is more of a low end estimation. The Faberge Pearl Egg is expected to fetch lot more than that.


Source: Fabergé

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