F1 Championship Winning Exhaust Lamp – For Collectors Of F1 Memorabilia

 Exhaust Lamp

Here is a perfect opportunity for fans of the Formula 1 Red Bull team to collect some team memorabilia. High end lighting fixtures made from parts of Infiniti Red Bull Racing Formula 1 cars are up for grabs thanks to a deal between Red Bull Team, Racing Gold and VeryFirstTo. Racing Gold is a British furniture and fixtures manufacturer, all their pieces comprises of parts of Red Bull cars. Their latest creation, the Exhaust Lamp, also feature design elements borrowed from the Infinity Red Bull car’s exhaust. I would say, this lamp is a perfect match for your Formula 1 V12 Engine inspired espresso maker from Espresso Volce.

Neither Mark Webber nor Sebastian Vettel drive for Red Bull team anymore, but the duo has won four consecutive Constructors Championships for them, and Vettel four Driver’s Championships. The Exhaust Lamp pays tribute to both drivers, they are available for purchase in race winning exhaust driven by Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel. Each lamp will arrive with a detailed history of its exhaust such as the driver’s name, circuit and amount of distance covered. Additionally they will be signed by Infiniti Red Bull Racing’s Christian Horner and Adrian Newey.

 Exhaust Lamp

Just like the cars, the Red Bull Exhaust Lamp is high-tech. It features a hand-polished Inconel exhaust system and a lamp holder made from F1 parts. Its remote control system uses the same “fly by wire” style used by the driver. The remarkable Formula 1 Lamp from Racing Gold costs a whopping £18,000. When you consider all important bit, that it is made from actual parts of race winning cars, it is worth every penny.

Once you make the purchase they will deliver it to you, or you can stop by at the Infiniti Red Bull Racing factory to collect it. If you go with the second option, there is a special gift waiting – they will give you a guided tour of the facility, that itself will make it worth more than £18,000 (about $27,000). For more information visit veryfirstto.com.

Exhaust Lamp Exhaust Lamp


Source: VeryFirstTo

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