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Father's Day - VeryFirstTo

With Father’s Day just a couple of weeks away, it is time for you to decide on a gift for your dad. Finding that perfect gift is a tough job and this is where luxury launches site VeryFirstTo.com steps into make your life easy. They have selected a list of eight exclusive and desirable items from top luxury brands that are perfect gifts for dads around the world. The gift list has something for every kind of dad – from always on the go, like to relax with a board game to dapper.

About their Father’s Day collection VeryFirstTo founder Marcel Knobil said “VeryFirstTo ensures you don’t hear those dreaded words when giving a present: ‘I’ve got one already’. Whilst we have a reputation for offering the most extravagant items and experiences on offer in the world of luxury, we can also be relied upon for the finest and freshest offerings at a more modest cost”.

Let’s have a look at this unique luxury item list, so that you can make this Father’s Day a real happy one for your dad (don’t worry even if you give him a “Best Dad In The World” mug and a t-shirt he still will love you forever).

The Luggage (Go) – Globe-Trotter Orient Leather-Trimmed Fiberboard Travel Trolley  £1,505 ($2,330/€2,075)
Father's Day - Globe Trotter Orient Travel Trolley

For the globetrotting dad there can’t be a better gift than a travel trolley from premier luggage maker Globe-Trotter. Handcrafted by a master Japanese craftsmen in his Tokyo studio it features champagne silk faille-lined interior and buckled straps to hold things in place. The luggage also comes with a Usushi (a tree-derived sap) coat applied, which gives the luggage its unique claret hue.

The Machine (Relax) – OSIM Uphoria Warm Foot & Calf Massager £595 ($913/ €819)
Father's Day - OSIM Uphoria Warm Foot & Calf Massager

For the tired dad (and mom) there is no better way to rest and relax than getting a warm leg massage at home. The Uphoria promise to bring energy and well-being back via warm massages.

The Timepiece (Time) – Suunto Essential Water-Resistant Digital Watch £545 ($837/ £750) 
Father's Day - Suunto Essential Water-Resistant Digital Watch

The perfect gift for a young dad with a passion for adventure. In Finnish “Suunto” means “direction” and this digital watch has a barometric altimeter, which helps determine elevation – a useful tool when climbing. Additional features like the compass and barometer helps keep on track and record air pressure respectively. The Suunto watch comes in a cotton watch roll with an explorer’s notebook.

The Game (Play) – Burberry Leather Travel Backgammon Set £425 ($652/ €585)
Father's Day - Burberry Leather Travel Backgammon Set

This is one luxury board game. From iconic British brand Burberry comes this grainy leather-clad Travel Backgammon Set with hand-painted edges. For easy carry it can be rolled up and fasten with a loop-through closure. The made in Italy set comes with leather-covered backgammon chips and wooden dice.

The Cufflinks (Style) – Lanvin Rhodium-Plated and Obsidian Cufflinks £175 ($270/ €242)    
Father's Day - Lanvin Rhodium-Plated and Obsidian Cufflinks

Stylish Lanvin cufflinks for the dapper dad. The rhodium-plated cufflinks are set with obsidian stones and have a two-tone black and grey finish.

The Book (Read) – Taschen NYT 36 Hours World Book Set £80 ($123/ €111) 

Father's Day - Taschen NYT Book Set

For the book worm dad who loves some quite time with a book or two about travel. The three volume collection of best-selling “36 Hours” travel series covers 365 worldwide destinations. The new volume features recommendations, reviews and detailed city maps and access to digital version of every entry. Each book cloth-bound is presented in an illustrated case.

The Pocket Square (Smart) – Rampley & Co Battle Of Waterloo Commemorative Pocket Square £69 ($106/ £95)
Father's Day - Rampley & Co Battle Of Waterloo Commemorative Pocket Square

Another perfect gift to consider for a dapper dad. This silk pocket square celebrates the 200th anniversary of the Battle Of Waterloo. The Rampley & Company created elegant square features a portrait of “Arthur Wellesley, First Duke Of Wellington” by Sir Thomas Lawrence (1769 -1830).

The Tool (Fix) – Brooks England MT21 Cycling Multi-Tool £50 ($77.00/ €69.00)
Father's Day - Brooks Multitool

For the dad who like to tinker around not only his sports bicycle but pink and blue kids bicycles, the MT21 Cycling Multi Tool from Brooks England is the perfect gift. The MT21 designed with the help of over 700 members of Brooks England community features handy tools to help you change the wheels, saddles or even open a bottle of beer. It arrives in a brown leather case ready to give.


Source: VeryFirstTo

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