The $100,000 Academy Awards “Everyone Wins” Swag Bag Not That Fancy This Year


In the past few years, the Academy Awards “Everyone Wins” swag bag lost its twinkle over a misunderstanding about all things taxes. To update you on that, some celebrities belatedly found out, if they use these gifts, Uncle Sam account them as income and wants its cut from it. So, this year’s goodie bag contains gifts that worth little over $100,000, there used to be a time where it had stuff worth over $250,000.

Next couple of days will see the 25 top nominees and host cruising Distinctive Assets’ tent looking for interesting freebies. The gifts include everything from a very expensive private three-day mansion stay at the Lost Coast Ranch in Northern California to customized box of Crayola crayons to fig cake bites to a personal CPR kit. In all, there are five luxury retreats to choose from including one to Lake Como in Italy.

First things first, even though you may already know this. The “Everyone Wins” gift bag actually has nothing directly to do with the Academy Awards. It is organized independently by the entertainment marketing company Distinctive Assets, and according to company founder Lash Fary, nominees redeem only about 10% of the goodies offered. For companies that participate in the gift giveaway, it’s a win, win whether celebs cash in or not.

Have a look at some of the cool gifts nominees can take home.

100% pure organic maple syrup from Rouge Maple“Everyone Wins” Swag Bag Rouge Maple

Private three-day mansion stay at the Lost Coast Ranch in Northern California.“Everyone Wins” Swag Bag Lost Coast Ranch

A 64-count customized box of Crayola crayons, which starts at $12.99.“Everyone Wins” Swag Bag Crayola Crayons

A three-night stay in a suite at Grand Hotel Tremezzo located in Lake Como.“Everyone Wins” Swag Bag Grand Hotel Tremezzo

Drunken fig cake bites from Chocolatines.“Everyone Wins” Swag Bag Chocolatines

An exclusive constellation pendant from Namira Monaco.“Everyone Wins” Swag Bag Namira Monaco Constellation

A year’s supply of Healing Saint luminosity skin serum along and a hair follicle stimulant.“Everyone Wins” Swag Bag Healing Saint Luminosity

A handbag from Jules k. with an anteater pattern.“Everyone Wins” Swag Bag Jules K

Source: Distinctive Assets

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