Emmanuel Laflamme Scrabble Corporate Edition Is Not Your Everyday Board

Self-taught artist and Montreal native, Emmanuel Laflamme has worked on his Scrabble Corporate Edition project for two long years from 2014 to 2016. He did almost most of the work on 100 different tiles and their logos by himself, except on occasions where his friends helped out. Made from laser cut wood, the game is played with the same point system as in the regular game. Players have the option to play as usual or try to guess where the logos are from.

Emmanuel Laflamme Scrabble Corporate Edition

This is Emmanuel’s first version of the project, which is in French. He plans to do an English version soon. His collaborators for the project are Korova Designs and Félix L’Ébénix. The Scrabble Corporate Edition is now part of Majudia Collection at Arsenal Montréal. Check out the gallery below to see this unusual yet artistic interpretation of Scrabble game.

Source: Designboom

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