Eleven Ravens Stealth Premier Table Tennis Table – $70,000

A newcomer to the field of premier table tennis table manufacturing, Eleven Ravens have stealthily managed to move into the top spot of doing it. Their newest creation, a table tennis table made of high-grade jet aircraft aluminum and carbon fiber is a design revelation marvel. The design is inspired by the Nighthawk Stealth Bomber, and the table is a sight to be seen. Only five units of The Stealth will be produced, costing $70,000 each will be numbered and signed personally by the designer Bernard Semerdjian.

The Eleven Raven is founded by professional table tennis player Bernard Semerdjian and few dedicated followers of the game in 2011. Semerdjian is also the head of Creative Design Department for Eleven Ravens and chief designer of table tennis tables. Designs are created using interactive digital interface and 3D imaging, their designs are not seen in the table tennis field before. All the tables are designed and produced in the US. In addition to table tennis tables Ravens also make pool tables.

Eleven Ravens Stealth Premier Table Tennis Table 3 Eleven Ravens Stealth Premier Table Tennis Table 2

Source: 11Ravens

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