Döttling Miniature Chest Safe – GPS Equipped To Keep Your Valuables Safe

Döttling Miniature Chest Safe

Döttling, the master of making luxury safes has a new collection. The Miniature Chest Safe obviously is designed with small spaces in mind. Created with design elements borrowed from late eighteenth century antique Italian and French masterworks, the Chest is full of beautiful details. Even though the design and craftsmanship is old world inspired, Chest has interiors packed with modern technology and hints of luxury.

Big or small if it is a safe, it should come with a reliable locking mechanism. Its main feature is a handcrafted double-bit key safe lock. Once you get past that lock, you will see precision watch-winders and a discreet illumination system. For those who desire new technology for watches can request their new electronically controlled Touch & Move system.

Döttling Miniature Chest Safe

In the security department Döttling offers an optional yet important feature – an integrated alarm system. The high-tech system sends a deafening alarm if the Miniature Chest Safe is removed or moved from its position. Even if someone managed to steal and transport it, the pre-installed GPS device will indicate precise location to track and recover.

The exterior of the Chest is made of braided and patinated steel bands and they are decorated with ornamental upholstery nails, while luxurious nubuck calfskin lines the interiors.

Döttling Miniature Chest Safe

Currently the Miniature Chest Safe is available in two versions. The single-door Chest 8 comes with room for eight watches – four precision watch winders and four cushions. The two-door Chest 15 holds ten precision watch winders and five cushions. Döttling has not made a comment on this, but I am pretty certain the Chest can be custom made to suit your need. Instead of watches you can have one for jewelry, cash and other valuables.

No information on pricing. For more information or to place your order visit dottling.com.

Döttling Miniature Chest Safe Döttling Miniature Chest Safe


Source: Döttling

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