Döttling Fusion – Luxury Modern Safe With 1820’s Design Influence

Döttling Fusion 1

Döttling is famous for making state-of-the-art foolproof safes, you can even safely store away your nuclear weapons there (just kidding!) They are not only built strongly but designed beautifully too. Latest addition to Döttling’s ever expanding luxury safes is the Döttling Fusion, crafted combining best features from two of their well-received creations – the luxurious Liberty and an antique 19th century unit, part of the Legend series.

The safe from the Legend series was manufactured in Marseille, France in 1820. Liberty has design elements borrowed from it such as nail heads attached by rivets that are covered by finest calfskin, it created a harmonious optical bridge for almost two centuries.

Döttling Fusion 6

As for the Fusion and the Liberty part of the safe, Döttling says they can customize the front with a Swarovski crystal studded skull set. Decorative skulls can be used to hide the keypad for passcode entry. The Legend part of the safe boasts six watch winders and one drawer while the Döttling Liberty houses eight watch winders and three drawers. That’s not all, Döttling Fusion is in every sense of the word a modern safe, a technically advanced safe in this connected world – it comes with the option to connect with your house alarm system for added security.

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Source: Luxury Launches and Döttling

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