World’s Most Expensive Baby Bottle From Suommo Costs $144,000

Suommo Doll Bottle 1

Suommo sells some of the most outrageously expensive baby items this world has ever seen on their website. They created the world’s most expensive pacifier and baby crib, to make it a complete baby set now they have the Doll baby bottle. Russian Matyoshka dolls inspired pink gold bottle comes in five sizes with each encrusted in dazzling diamonds and white gold. Smallest 25ml bottle carry a $62,500 price tag and larger 250ml $144,160.

Lots of thought has put into creating bottle’s ergonomic design and functionality. Each purchase come with a free personalized engraving of baby’s name. Russian dolls inspired Doll baby bottle, in my esteemed opinion a perfect gift for a baby Russian Oligarch.

Suommo Doll Bottle 3 Suommo Doll Bottle 2


Source: Luxury Launches and Suommo

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