Red Bull Billionaire Dietrich Mateschitz Buys A New Million Dollar Submarine

Red Bull’s Dietrich Mateschitz bought himself yet another toy. For $1.7 million Mateschitz just bought a bespoke extreme submarine. Described as a part jet fighter and part great white shark, the DeepFlight Super Falcon glides with the agility of a dolphin underwater. Built by Hawkes Ocean Technologies, Super Falcon works differently than other submarines, built with movable wings to provide negative lift, which in turn allows the sub to move in three dimensions. As Super Falcon’s inventor Graham Hawkes said: “Put the nose down, and yee-ha–you’re flying.”

Mateschitz used his Laucala Island resort in Fiji as a sub-yard to build the Super Falcon. The bespoke submarine is custom built to fit Mateschitz’s body like a glove. It is built with two acrylic domes with a refractive index which in turn gives riders the experience of riding in an open cockpit underwater. With a lithium powered propeller that gives the Super Falcon 4 knots in speed- the same speed whales and sharks swim, guests at Laucala Island can safely swim alongside big sea creatures at 400 ft deep. Since sub with a view is the main function of the Super Falcon, starting November Laucala Island guests can get two-hour rides for $ 1,700.

Source: Forbes

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