Diamond Studded Morphsuit For This Halloween $1.6 Million

For those who lucky ones that can spare a million and a half on a Halloween morph suit, your day is here. Scottish costume company Morphsuit unveiled their “Million Pound Morph” a few weeks before Halloween to bring cheer to a scary holiday. Company swears by their other morph suits, this pricey one will fit like a glove when it matters.

Studded with 20,000 diamonds, this is all you need this Halloween to impress all and sundry other ghosts, mummies, and bloodsuckers popping at the Halloween party. Drinking, eating, breathing and seeing through the suit is a piece of cake, according to the makers.

Gregor Lawson, co-founder of Morphsuits, said “All our suits are very reasonably priced, but with this one we just wanted to have fun, do something crazy, eye-catching and really good looking. This costume is the Mercedes-Benz of Morphsuits. Someone is going to stand out from the crowd big time this Halloween if it sells…!”

A simple, all-in-one gray spandex suit covers the whole body from head to toe. Precious bling is then attached to the spandex costume, a time-consuming process that commands a premium price.

Mr. Lawson also added, “We like to cater for all our customers’ tastes. We had people asking for a ‘flashier’ suit this Halloween, so we decided, why the hell not! Halloween just got a little bit flashier!”

Source: Daily Mail

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