Diamond Christmas Crackers From Tresor Paris Will Set You Back £1 Million

Diamond Christmas Crackers

Christmas crackers are an age old tradition- the festive pranks of the holiday season where you pop open a paper cracker and when you hear the little BANG! sound, you receive a miniature gift. As a joke, these crackers are usually filled with sweets or little toys. But if you are not an average Christmas host and want to bedazzle your guests, you might consider investing in the world’s first Diamond Christmas Crackers worth £ 1 million!

Your lucky guests will receive these luxurious crackers that are a beautiful creation by The House Of Crackers and award-winning jeweler Tresor Paris. Presented in a set of six, each of the crackers holds a different cut of the diamond, all of which are absolutely breathtaking. The grand winner takes the 3 carat pear cut gem worth £247,000 while the “loser” takes the 3 carat oval cut diamond worth £113,000 (still an exquisite prize for someone with not the best luck!).

Diamond Christmas Crackers

Salim Hasbani, Director of Tresor Paris said, “We have managed to source a truly exceptional collection of cuts. From the oval, princess and step cut, to the round, pear and marquise: the recipients will be thrilled with the brilliance and clarity in each.”

So when you decide to fill in your crackers with diamonds, you cannot use tissue paper and craft ribbon. Being the sparkling host that you are, your crackers will be crafted from exotic paper outsourced from India, decorated with super sheer ribbon from Cheshire, complete with poinsettia flowers and goose feathers to make the perfect dreamy festive case for the timeless gems within.

Diamond Christmas Crackers

The party isn’t over just as yet after you receive your precious diamond that was carefully selected by the jewel-genius Tresor Paris, it will then be set into a bespoke piece of jewelry of your choice, creating a piece that will make this Christmas a timeless memory.

Marcel Knobil, the founder of VeryFirstTo where the crackers will be sold, adds: “Guests at one dinner this Christmas will be flabbergasted to find no joke, no hat, and no plastic whistle in their crackers, just a truly magnificent diamond.”

Diamond Christmas Crackers

Add a lot of sparkle to this holiday season if you have a £983,000 budget for your Diamond Christmas Crackers that come with one (priceless!) guarantee – your guests will love you forever!

Diamond Christmas Crackers Diamond Christmas Crackers


Source: VeryFirstTo

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