DEVIEHL Creates The World’s Most Luxurious And Perfect Caviar Cup

DEVIEHL Perfect Caviar Cup

DEVIEHL has perfected the art of making “perfect coffee cups”. Some of their cups look like they belong in art galleries or even in museums. The secret to DEVIEHL’s recipe is the wealth of experience company’s founders Andreas Bös and Jonathan Strauss bring from the luxury world. The duo previously worked in luxury watchmaking, engineering and innovation, add to this their passion for beauty, craftsmanship, and upscale materials – you get a perfectly shaped cup. Their latest creation is the DEVIEHL Perfect Caviar Cup.

DEVIEHL Perfect Caviar Cup

The caviar cup is a collaboration between DEVIEHL and Gourmet House Caviar. A luxury food like caviar deserves a luxury vessel – like from DEVIEHL. Caviar, as we all know is very delicate and need careful handling and a lot of consideration was given to this fact by DEVIEHL when designing it. To keep caviar fresh and at the ideal temperature they had to design a cup little different than coffee cups. This cup has insulated space to store crushed ice, which helps keep caviar fresh longer.

Caviar and tall narrow containers don’t go together that’s why they are stored in tins with flat even bottoms, by keeping this in mind DEVIEHL made a design change to the cup. The cup’s unique wide and lower shape helps keep the caviar evenly chilled and preserve its creamy taste. Just like the perfect coffee cup, the caviar cup’s design is perfect for presentation.

DEVIEHL Perfect Caviar Cup

The Caviar Cup comes with DEVIEHL’s familiar tray. In this case, it is a hand-blown crystal one with a stunning design. Both the cup and the tray feature a unique hand painted decorations with gold or silver brushed finish. They portray sturgeons mid-swim – painted by a master painter. A natural rubber ring with matching gold finish holds the cup in place. Accompanying curved spoon also has a matching gold finish. They are available in two color combinations – red and gold or marine turquoise and silver.

The DEVIEHL Perfect Caviar Cup makes a unique Christmas gift for caviar aficionado in your life. Caviar cups are available individually or as a set, and from Gourmet House’s you can buy the most exclusive caviar to serve on the cups. They have not published price but should be in the same range as coffee cups – around £400 ($500). DEVIEHL cups are available from Harrods and William & Son in London, Gourmet House Caviar as well as leading luxury department stores internationally.


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