With Desnahemisfera’s Stylish Goat Mug Enjoy Every Drop Of Your Coffee

Goat Mug 1

Coffee mugs come in different shapes and sizes, however there is a new mug in town that looks whole lot different than any you’ve seen before. Named, The Goat Mug, it comes in a silhouette you never imagined you’d see a coffee mug. Shaped like goat’s horns, the Goat pays homage to the goats that discovered coffee (you thought wrong, Starbucks did not discover coffee!) It’s creator Slovenian design house Desnahemisfera is looking for funds at Kickstarter – in just 2 days they’ve reached $200,000 that is lot more than their $25,000 initial goal!

The unique shape of the mug has a purpose other than the aesthetics, it helps you gulp down the very last drop of your precious coffee. The Goat is not just a mug, it is also a fashion accessory that goes well anything you wear. You can slung it across the body with its long leather strap, while the short strap can be used to attach it to your bag or carry by hand.

Made from BPA free material, it is 100% leak proof. The Goat Mug comes with a leather holder that can be converted to a mug stand easily. Its stylish and innovative packaging resembles a gunny coffee sack, which is reusable.

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Source: Designboom

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