Designer Giulio Gianturco Makes A Washbasin Hidden In A Wooden Box

Hidden Wooden Washbasin 3

You can hide many things in many different places, but I’m willing to bet few bucks that you never thought of hiding a functional wash basin inside a wooden box. If it’s going to make you feel better, I can tell you I never thought of that either, creativity is not my thing anyway. However, to the creative mind of Italian designer Giulio Gianturco, it is possible, and he has designed “Hidden” washbasin disguised as a wooden box.

Wooden box including the drawer of the Hidden washbasin is made from thermo-treated wood in Hemlock finish. Upon opening the wooden box, a functional washbasin unveils itself that is fitted with Corian integrated stainless steel taps, mirror with a magnifying lens, lowered shelves, object holder drawer, light, and plug. When you are done using it, just close and it reverts back to being an elegant wooden box.

Hidden Wooden Washbasin 2

“Hidden” kind of reminds me of curiosity shops with interesting things to uncover. Giulio Gianturco designed the Hidden for Makro, a bathroom concept company. This is not available on the market yet, it will be interesting to see the practical use of the functional Hidden in real world.

Hidden Wooden Washbasin 1


Source: Luxury Launches

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