Matching Lamborghini Sofa To Go With Your Lamborghini Desk From Design Epicentrum

Lamborghini Sofa

Few months ago I wrote about the Bugatti desk from Design Epicentrum, as you may already know that is not the only supercar-inspired furniture piece they made. Around 2011 they designed the Lamborghini Murcielago desk, which is still in demand. Their latest addition to the collection is Lamborghini sofa. Now you don’t have worry about driving at all, work at your Lamborghini desk and relax with your feet up on Lamborghini sofa.

Thankfully at $9,000 (shipping extra) this unique sofa cost only a fraction of the car. According to Design Epicentrum it has a frame made from fiberglass and leather covered seats. The sofa is available many colors including in orange. For an additional cost you can upgrade the sofa with high-end frame material and different leathers.

Lamborghini Sofa

If you want authentic Lamborghini furniture that might even showcase automaker’s famous bull on the hood, you may want to consider brand’s luxury home good’s collection. Downside to that is, it would cost you an arm and a leg. That is where Polish design house Design Epicentrum steps into give best of both worlds, a unique item at an affordable price (for some!). You can check not only the Lamborghini sofa but their other exceptional furniture here.

Lamborghini Sofa Lamborghini Sofa


Source: Design Epicentrum

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