For Kids Cruisin’ For A Bruisin’ – Dartz Makes Gold-Plated Bulletproof Child Car Seats

Dartz Bulletproof Child Car Seat

If you need to over protect your little princes and princesses while on the road from bad people of all sorts this is the perfect child safety seat available out there – according to its creator Dartz. If Dartz says something like that you have to take it seriously, because these guys have made a name for themselves over the years by designing and creating serious armored cars for everyone from billionaires and despots to celebrities. It is rumored that one Kanye West is a huge admirer of their James Bond-esque creations. It wasn’t that long ago Latvia-based Dartz offered to upholster interiors with whale foreskin and no project is too grand for these guys.

Back to their extravagant “bulletproof” child car seat. The order was placed by a parent not only very wealthy but extremely paranoid too. We can be pretty sure William and Kate are not the parents to place this order, but never say never about show-offs Kim and Kanye. In reality I think the order came from someone in Russia, China or Middle East.

Dartz Bulletproof Child Car Seat

The back of the seat is made from Kevlar, which makes it bulletproof and then covered with carbon fiber with gold stitching. To make it extra comfortable they have added layers of padding and then covered it with gold-plated crocodile skin from Kolonial Touch and top quality crimson natural nappa leather from Luxpel. If you are to order one for your child, you’ll be happy to know there are lot more to it than Kevlar and gold-plated leather. It comes equipped with a massage system and ports for Apple devices such as iPads to keep your little bundle entertained.

Dartz Bulletproof Child Car Seat

Dartz’s sales pitch for bullet proof car seat include these couple of lines “Dear parents, we encourage you not to save pennies on your precious child, when you splurge 500 thousand to a million on your own car.” They however did not mention the price of this toddler luxury or the name of the buyer.

Dartz Bulletproof Child Car Seat Dartz Bulletproof Child Car Seat


Source: Luxury Launches

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