Creation Fabrication Log Burners Shaped Like VW Campers Will Keep You Warm On Chilly Evenings

Log Burners Volkswagen

Summer in the mountains or near a lake with a nice breeze is a nice way to relax, that is until night falls and things get little chilly. Cheshire, UK-based Creation Fabrication found a brilliant, cost-effective way to keep your summer home warm and toasty. They make all types of log burners that are cute and funny at the same time. Most of their burners are designed to look like old-fashioned Volkswagen vans. Images posted on Facebook also shows units that look like Darth Vader and Minions.

Log Burners Volkswagen

Two steel craftsmen at the fabrication company make these burners as a hobby rather than a business. This gives them the freedom to make burners any funny way they like – right now they are in the process of creating a unit humorously named – Burn’ie Ecclestone, a burner named for F1 boss! Talented duo with 20 years of experience says they can bend and shape steel to their will, means they can create a burner in any design you wish. So if you want a Cinderella instead of a Darth Vader they probably could make one – interesting to see how a stainless steel Cinderella going to look like.

Log Burners Volkswagen BBQ Grille

Some of the burners can multitask as BBQ grills. They attach a stainless steel flat rack to the burner to make them BBQ-worthy. Now you can, keep warm in chilly summer evenings, have a cold beer and a bite while sitting on a comfy chair in your garden right next to a funny log burner. You don’t have to break an arm and a leg to get one of these Creation Fabrication gems, pricing starts from just £200 (around $300).

Log Burners Darth Vader Log Burners Volkswagen Log Burners Volkswagen

Source: Creation Fabrication

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