Fallen Furniture’s “Cluster Bomb Luxury Drinks Cabinet” Weighs 600 Pounds And 8 Feet Tall

Cluster Bomb Luxury Drinks Cabinet 1

A 600 pound Cluster Bomb once belonged to the Royal Air Force is ready to be the center piece of your living room or bar. British company Fallen Furniture turned the 1970’s missile fuselage into an 8 feet tall drink cabinet with three glass shelves revolve around a gold-plated spindle. Named the Cluster Bomb Luxury Drinks Cabinet, the mirror-polished cabinet features a sliding platform built from lacquered American walnut, when necessary it can hide a set of bespoke cocktail utensils that comes with it.

If you want to get a reaction from family and friends to a 600 pound bomb sitting in your living room masquerading as a drink cabinet, all you have to do is close its doors, the cabinet return back to being a bomb.

Cluster Bomb Luxury Drinks Cabinet 5

Bath-based Fallen Furniture calls their unique creations “turning a bad thing into something good.” Which makes sense as their expertise is all about turning reclaimed aircrafts into beautifully crafted one-off masterpieces such as Clocks, Lighting, Tables, Drinks Cabinets, Cowling Bars and Fuselage Wall Art. Another one of their unique creations is a desk named Exit Table, made using an Airbus A320 escape hatch.

Cluster Bomb Luxury Drinks Cabinet 2 Cluster Bomb Luxury Drinks Cabinet 4 Cluster Bomb Luxury Drinks Cabinet 3 Cluster Bomb Luxury Drinks Cabinet 6


Source: Luxury Launches and Fallen Furniture

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